Automatic Fortune Cookie Baking Machine
Automatic Fortune Cookie Baking Machine

Automatic Fortune Cookie Baking Machine
Fortune Cookie
SpecificationsFCM-8006-WFortune Cookie
Dimensions(approx) 8,900(L) x 2,150(W) x 2,160(H) (mm)
Electric Power3.0 (kw)
Heat SourceCity Gas (13A) 10.4m3/h, LPG 9.5kg/h (max)
Production Capacity(approx) 8,000 pcs./h
Our innovative fortune cookies are a well-known specialty containing slips printed
with flowers language, fortunes and proverbs.
These confections meet the world-wide customer demand for fashionable and
tasty tidbits to be used as dessert or very desirable gifts.
All baking operations are automated.
Former problems of continuous production and quality control have been solved
with our FCM-8006-W.
You can be assured of our continuing concern with supply, maintenance and the
sustained operation essential to our customers.

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