Regardless of domestic and overseas, the creation of a rapidly changing culture I will contribute with “good technology / new technology”. We always provide our customers the best quality

In Kitamura we are planning, designing and developing baking machines including Fortune Cookies and Rolled Crackers.In addition to the standard products we are introducing, we manufacture baking machines that meet the needs of everyone’s needs.We will realize various molding technologies that our customers demand, with know-how from our founding.
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  • 01. Planning

    We make custom made from planning and machine design according to customer’s needs.We will provide products that are convincing to both parties by conducting polite interviews at the worksite and unexpected test driving before delivery.In our own factory, we always have a variety of molding machines and a dedicated designer is enrolled, so we have achieved consistent high quality manufacturing from in-depth meetings to delivery.

  • 02. Performance

    40% of our past achievements are overseas customers.We have accumulated achievements of more than 30 years, local affiliate business with career immediately deal with safe transactions.

  • 03. Support

    At our company we are doing our utmost to maintain and manage sophisticated production lines in order to make products you ordered long and love.The corresponding area covers the whole country. We are responding to a wide range of consultations from simple inspections to consultation on improvement.

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Automatic Conferctionery Baking Machine

since 1920

To create good ones, create good ones.

Continually sticking to the “pinched-out” technology from the start, the share of windings accounts for the majority in Japan.
We will continue to pursue new technologies and share the value that we can create because we are.

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